GRAPE FESTIVAL 7 - 8 Aug 2020 Airport Piešťany
Alpha Hypnotica

Alpha Hypnotica (SK)

Sobota stage 07:00 - 10:00

Alpha Hypnotica is a non-standard music project of a married couple – Tomáš and Emerencia Tomovič. Tomáš has been Djing and producing music for years under the pseudonym Tomin Tomovic. At the moment, he is the head of the Seta Label. The Alpha Hypnotica produce is hard to put in a box. It is a chill-out electronic with emotive orchestra or movie music and ambient dub-techno, with the base being deep atmospheric and psychedelic sounds. They use live vocals (Emerencia), self-recorded nature noises, orchestral and instrumental instruments, dark and hypnotic atmosphere, spiritual lyrics about the beauty of nature and life. Sets of this duo are original in their structure and harmonization. They begin with deep, meditational ambient and gradually increase the tempo and number of instruments, grading up through chill-step and Psybient to intelligent downtempo or dub techno.

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