GRAPE FESTIVAL 7 - 8 Aug 2020 Airport Piešťany
Disordered Kind

Disordered Kind (SK/AT)

Sobota stage 04:30 - 06:00

The combination of Djing and analog synth production served by the Disordered Kind duo – Leia Drex from Bratislava and FNF from the Austrian Kittsee – mesmerized more than just one techno lover. Their smashing rhythm, acid-bass tunes, and unrelenting tempo are factors, that together with neverending improvisation turn their performances into a unique experience. Last year, they had a great season, that culminated with the release of their debut EP „Fatum“ on the Austrian label Mai Lei Bel, as well as with their uncompromising performance at the Pohoda Festival 2018. This year, they will share their energy with the fans at Grape 2019.

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