GRAPE FESTIVAL 9 - 10 Aug 2019 Airport Piešťany


Piatok Suzuki Stage 21:25 - 22:10

Twenty-two year old artist IAMDDB is sitting on a rooftop in London, ruminating over the steps she’s taken in the past couple years to become one of the UK’s most exciting young prospects. Some could say it’s the universe calling; others might see the process as one of undeniable strength. For her, it’s somewhere between the two, a strong self-awakening into her true destiny. Though she’s riding on a crest of attention, the result of previous releases ‘Waeveybby Volume 1’ and ‘Vibe, Volume 2’ – plus an infamous Colours session to boot – it’s this new Hoodrich EP and the journey leading to this point that solidifies. IAMDDB as one of this generation’s most self-aware artists. By soul-searching, feeding the result back into her music, she's an undeniable artist – one naturally balanced between the yin and yang of the intrinsic human experience.

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