GRAPE FESTIVAL 7 - 8 Aug 2020 Airport Piešťany

Tolstoys (SK)

Piatok Orange Stage 17:05 - 18:05

Season of Botanika has come to an end and Tolstoys invite you to celebrate it’s closure together, in magical atmosphere of strings and bows.


Before this dream-pop formation fully commits to preparations of their second album, Tolstoys would like to conclude the journey of their successful debut with a special project. Botanika Klasika is a live performance project presenting the songs from the album Botanika enriched by string quintet compositions. New arrangements for this project are works of classical composer and electronic producer Dominik Kopcsay. Tolstoys’ core members are joined by Jano Kružliak, Peter Dvorský and Broňa Schragge together fortifying the band’s combination of dreamy electronic, sturdy rhythm and acoustic strings.


Tolstoys have given us a taste of their quintet composition performing the song “Dieťa slnka” live on Radio_Head Awards 2017, where the album Botanika also won the award for Debut of the year. 


Botanika Klasika will be presented in three slovak cities. It will have its premiere on Friday 9.8.2019 at Grape festival augmented by one of a kind live visualisations. We are very much looking forward!


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