GRAPE FESTIVAL 9 - 10 Aug 2019 Airport Piešťany
The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna (US)

Piatok Suzuki Stage 01:40 - 03:00

Marea Stamper’s dance music alias The Black Madonna might be a fairly new name to many but she’s actually a dance music veteran. After raving in her early teens, Stamper dropped out of school (and left home) at 16 and threw herself headfirst into US dance music culture – working, promoting, distributing, merchandising, label-managing and, eventually, DJing and producing.

She moved from Kentucky to Chicago years ago but it was her We Don’t Need No Music (Thank You Rahaan) track and 2013 Lady Of Sorrows EP that changed everything. She’s now one of the most sought after DJs in the world, bringing her bonkers enthusiasm and disco-to-techno vinyl mixes to the decks, and offering an agreeably righteous (and positive) opinion on women in dance music.

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