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The year 2020 is over

Hello, everyone! Fortunately, this troubled year is finally coming to an end, and we all believe that the new one will be much better, full of cultural experiences and concerts. We remain fully committed and getting ready for the summer of 2021. We believe that the epidemiological situation will allow us to implement the festival without any problems. However, we are also preparing a Plan B in the form of several smaller festivals with lower capacity, just in case. As for the new location, the current lockdown is holding back our activities a bit here, as it is not possible to meet to bring the negotiations to a successful end. There is more than one location in the game, and each has its pros and cons. Not everything is just in our hands, but we are sure that we will do the festival in the new place the best we can, and it will be the one that you will not want to miss. We are also preparing solo concerts of foreign artists for you in autumn/winter as part of our Grape Sabbath series, we even have something confirmed for 2022 already. So, we are full of expectations about what will the next year bring, and we guess we all wish for things to finally be as before. In the end, we wish you the most beautiful Christmas possible and a lot of health and optimism to be waiting for you under the Christmas tree.

27.December 2020
The year 2020 is over ()
Hurts concert postponed to September 2021 ()

Hurts concert postponed to September 2021

Hurts are postponing their FAITH tour, and therefore we are also moving the April concert in refinery gallery to a new date, 24. September 2021. 

1.December 2020

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Hello, as we are still working on the new location, we are postponing the deadline for ticket returns until 31. December 2020. November was quite challenging, and the final negotiations concerning the new location were slightly postponed due to nationwide testing. In any case, we are pleased with the news from the European media, who predict the summer of 2021 to be pretty much as we knew it before the pandemic. We continue negotiations on the not yet rebooked performers from the summer of 2020. Although we may not be able to confirm them all, we believe that the compensation will be more than adequate. We are also working on a new theme and visual, which will introduce together with a collector's ticket edition before Christmas. Follow us on our social media so that you will not miss anything. Have a nice day and stay healthy

30.November 2020
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We've postponed the deadline for Grape 2020 ticket returns for one month ()

We've postponed the deadline for Grape 2020 ticket returns for one month

We've postponed the deadline for Grape 2020 ticket returns for one month. The new deadline is 30. November 2020. We thank everyone who keeps their ticket, as it helps us to survive this hard year and prepare the next Grape the best we can. 👍

27.October 2020
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