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Festival of the Year 2019

This past Thursday, on 16. January, the 15th annual ZAI Awards took place in the Majestic Music Club - some call them the "Slovak Grammy". Grape Festival won in the Festival of the Year 2019 category, and we would like to give our thanks to the jury for acknowledging our work and festival. Of course, most of all we thank you, who visit the festival every year and help us create a unique atmosphere. Our thanks also go to our partners, without them, we could not make such an event happen. Your Grape team.

20.January 2020
Festival of the Year 2019 ()
Dirtyphonics are back ()

Dirtyphonics are back

After a great success at Grape 2018, here comes another group whose performance we will be happy to repeat at this year's farewell. The ending of the Suzuki stage program will belong to Dirtyphonics LIIVE.
20.January 2020


One of the biggest stars in Great Britain is coming back! Yungblud was amazed with the atmosphere during his show at Grape 2018, and so we decided to repeat this connection of artist and fans. This guy will blow you away! 17.January 2020
A brass band at Grape: Meute (de)! ()

A brass band at Grape: Meute (de)!

Can a brass band play techno? It can. Tracks from artists like Flume, Laurent Garnier, Fatima Yamaha, or Solomun interpreted by this perfect German party will be our farewell to the airport. 16.January 2020
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