GRAPE FESTIVAL 9 - 10 Aug 2019 Airport Piešťany

Artists at stage

Friday: * Fur Coat * Henry Saiz & Band live * Imre Kiss * Philipp Straub * Anacle * Denes Toth * Galagha * Lucas Nou * Red Meat Therapy * Sensoreal * Toky
* Daniel Avery * Max Cooper * Peter Makto & Gregory S * Schwa * Tijana T * Tolo * Alpha Hypnotica * Bad Mojo & Michael Priest * Bizzare * Disordered Kind * PLUSplus * Popular DJs * Vesnu

13.June 2019
Artists at stage ()
Tijana T at Grape19 ()

Tijana T at Grape19

Tijana T is a prominent person of the Belgrade music and club scene. This lady is well-known for her energic DJ mixes, charisma, and charming house vocal. Her qualities had taken her from Belgrade to such cities as Berlin and New York. For many years, she was the face of the Exit festival. This will be one great performance.

13.June 2019

Philipp Straub at Grape19

Head a respected agency Titan International, Phillipp Straub is a lifelong techno enthusiast and supporter of the electronic music scene. The Austrian producer and DJ has been on the scene for 26 years and his set is a must at the festival.

13.June 2019
Philipp Straub at Grape19 ()
Fur Coat at Grape19 ()

Fur Coat at Grape19

The music story of this Venezuelan duo living in Barcelona began in 2004. Their passion for techno and electronic music took them to the best European clubs and festivals and they gained the respect of the biggest stars of the scene. We are happy, that Fur Coat is coming to Piešťany as well.
13.June 2019
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