GRAPE FESTIVAL 9 - 10 Aug 2019 Airport Piešťany

Yeasayer at Grape19

Music critics label this party from Brooklyn as experimental rock or psychedelic rock. We wanted them since 2012 but only made it this year as they don't often perform in Europe. And so, we've made ourselves a bit happy and we hope that they will persuade you about their qualities too.

17.January 2019
Yeasayer at Grape19 ()
Welshly Arms at Grape19 ()

Welshly Arms at Grape19

Blues-rock band Welshly Arms debuted in 2013. They've released two albums, their tracks appear on movie soundtracks, and their biggest it is the well known Legendary. On Friday, they will start the program at the Grape stage.

17.January 2019

Algiers at Grape19

American band Algiers takes advantage in their charismatic frontman Franklin James Fisher. Their experimental music full of many different music genres will uncompromisingly captivate you.

17.January 2019
Algiers at Grape19 ()
Jon Hopkins at Grape19 ()

Jon Hopkins at Grape19

In his premiere in Slovakia, the British producer Jon Hopkins will present his electrifying live set. On Saturday night, the program on the main stage will end with music full of emotion as well as a new visual show. Hopkins' new album Singularity gained nomination for Grammy in the Best Dance/Electronic album category, so there's a lot to look forward to.
8.January 2019
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