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Special edition tickets and refunds

Hi, here come some important information on tickets.
First, we are preparing a special collector’s edition of Grape 2022 printed tickets. The artworks we’ve been using in the past few days can hint you what’s it gonna be like. We will make them available next week to allow enough time for your orders to be delivered before Christmas.
Second, about the ticket refunds. If you would like to return a ticket from 2020, you can do so until 10th December 2021. We won’t accept new ticket refund requests after this date.
Of course, all not-returned tickets originally purchased for Grape 2020/2021 remain valid for Grape 2022.
4.December 2021
Special edition tickets and refunds ()
The first names of Grape22 ()

The first names of Grape22

We bring you the first nine artists that will perform at the Grape festival next summer. Our thanks go to all the agents who confirmed the performances of their artists even after two years had passed. We are happy that the program is starting to take shape.

Woodkid(fr), Boy Pablo(no), Dirtyphonics LIIVE(fr), Ghostpoet(uk), HVOB live(at), MEUTE(de), Shura(uk), Tommy Cash(ee), Yung Lean(se)

2.December 2021

The future of Grape festival lies in Trenčín and Trnava

Hi! As you probably know, our connection to Piešťany ended two years ago due to the rising number of flights operating at the airport. We've been looking for a new site since then. We have been to many places. Moving such a big festival and one with such a complicated infrastructure is not an easy task. In the end, the Trenčin airport will accommodate us for the next two years, and we are very grateful for that.
Nevertheless, our future seems to be connected to Trnava city. Together, we are planning a new area for social gatherings and cultural activities. The site should be ready in two years and serve the citizens of Trnava and others as well. We hope that the plan will work out perfectly, and we will be able to rent a new festival site for the upcoming years.
We would like to thank all the people who were not indifferent to our festival and helped us on our journey. These include the representatives of Žilina and Trnava municipalities, the representatives of Nitra, Hlohovec, Košice, Trnava, and, of course, Trenčín. In the end, the final role had the Ministry of Defence. They wanted to offer us the Sliač airport, but renovation works ruled out the festival there. Therefore, they offered us the Trenčín airport, which they also manage, and we would like to thank them very much for that. We are hopeful that Trenčín citizens will welcome us in our temporary home, and together we will create a nice place for your entertainment and rest.
Anyway, what we need most of all is you and your support. That will be crucial not only for us but for all festivals in Slovakia next year. Thank you for your patience, and welcome to Trenčín.

1.December 2021
The future of Grape festival lies in Trenčín and Trnava ()
December 1, 2021 !!! ()

December 1, 2021 !!!

December 1, 2021 !!!

26.November 2021
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