GRAPE FESTIVAL GRAPE FESTIVAL 9. - 10. 8. 2024 • Letisko Trenčín 9. - 10. 8. 2024 • Letisko Trenčín

Basic information

Festival site, opening & capacity

Grape festival 2022 takes place from 12. till 13. August 2022 on the Airport Trenčín. Due to changing the festival spot the next information may change during the festival preparations. On Friday, the festival area opens at noon and closes at the same time on Sunday. The festival capacity is 30 000 visitors. Available in the festival area are toilets (chemical & flush), tanks with drinking water, refreshment stalls, as well as chill-out, sport, and zones, where you can spend your spare time between concerts. There is no children’s playground or zone on the festival site.

Tickets & festival wristbands

There are two types of tickets available – the standard tickets valid for both days, and the discounted tickets for the disabled and their carries, which are also valid for both days. The standard tickets are transferable, and not bound to the name. The discounted ticket is bound to the name of the person who ordered it. At the entrance, the ticket holder must identify oneself with a valid document that proofs he or she is eligible for the discount, and this name must correspondent with the name on the ticket. The discount tickets can only be purchased via the e-shop at festival web page.

Upon arrival on the festival, the visitor will receive a festival wristband after presenting a valid ticket. The festival wristband is not transferable, and has a chip, that serves to monitor the number of visitor in the festival and tent area. To be allowed to enter and stay in the festival or tent area, the visitor is obliged to have the festival wristband on the wrist during the entire duration of the festival.

Tickets are being sold exclusively via our e-shop. In the case of selling out before the festival starts, there will be no more tickets available for sale, not even at the door. Children aged 12 and less have free entry. Minors area allowed to enter the festival accompanied by a responsible adult. Don’t buy tickets outside of official points of sale. You may become a victim of fraud and purchase a false ticket.

Tickets for Grape festivals 2020 and 2021 that were canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic remain valid for the year 2022.

Camping at the festival

The festival camp is situated right next to the main festival area, and the two are connected with a number of gates. The camping area opens at 09.00 am Friday morning. Camping in the festival camp in one’s own tent is included in the ticket price. Showers, toilets, tanks with drinking water a reception, and a refreshment stall are part of the camp. The space reserved for setting up your tents is marked by tapes in order to create and maintain the safety escape routes. If you require help or have any questions, please, contact the camp manager, who is situated at the entrance to the camp area from the parking lot.
Tent rental services are also available. You can rent a tent either in the Tent inn or Bell tent camp and the tent will be waiting for you ready on the spot. Rental tents are situated in special camps that are separated from the main camp area. Those camps have their own reception. The tents are available for purchase via our e-shop. Capacity is limited!



The parking lot opens at 08.00 am on Friday, and closes at 02.00 pm on Sunday. The parking lot is situated right next to the main festival and camp entrance. The parking fee is paid upon arrival. The parking fee is 25€ for cars, 15€ for motorcycles, and 99€ for caravans (access to electricity granted). The parking fee is only paid once, and valid for the entire duration of the festival. Each vehicle is marked with a sticker after paying the parking fee.

Shuttle Service - schedule


Festival taxis marked with the festival logo are available during the festival. Those cars have fixed fares, that we make public before the festival. Due to some unfortunate events in the past we would like to ask all visitors to report any violation of those fares that they experience from the taxi drivers. Please, include the plate number, and ideally a receipt with your complaint. Based on proofs we can exclude taxi drivers who violate the rules from the festival. Price for taxi is 15 EUR for Thursday due to longer ride and 9 EUR for Friday and Saturday. 


Phone numbers:

0910 573 537

0903 113 100

0949 136 296

0940 268 269

0940 904 044

0911 908 300

0918 779 197

0944 401 954

0905 716 555

0948 288 288

0901 757 575

0914 123 123

0949 156 989


Taxi price list

Station - Grape 10 €

Grape  - Public pool 10 €

Grape - Tesco 10 €

Grape - Centrum 10 €


Grape - Juh (South) 10 €

Station - Opatovce (entry) 40 €

Grape - Youth hostel 10 €  

Grape - Pension na Sihoti 10 €

Grape - Tr. Teplice (centrum) 25-30 €

Grape - Nemšová 25-30 €

Grape - Dubnica nad Váhom 30-35 €

Grape - Zelená voda 30 €

Grape - Tr. Turná 12 €

Grape - Tr. Stankovce 15-17 €

Grape - Soblahov 15 €

Grape - Mníchová Lehota 15 €


There is a depository for storing your luggage available in the festival area. You can also purchase a Lock inn safety locker for valuables in our e-shop. It also includes two electricity sockets ideal for charging your cell phones. A standard laptop also fits the locker.


Phones charging and WIFI
There is an Orange zone with charging cubes in the area, another smaller tent will be located in the tent town at the reception. Portable power banks can also be rented on-site, and power banks will be available at Tent Inn. Festival wifi is also available for visitors; The Orange operator will take care of everything. Phone charging is also available in the SSE tent.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
It is not allowed to bring any glass bottles and containers into the festival area and camping site, nor is it allowed to bring your own alcohol to the premises. At the festival, it is possible to purchase a sufficient amount of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Tanks with drinking water are also available to ensure the necessary fluids.

Prohibited items, dogs & other instructions
It is forbidden to bring weapons, glass bottles and containers, cans, umbrellas, and other dangerous objects, as well as toxic and narcotic substances to the festival. Furthermore, professional photography (with the exception of personal digital cameras and telephones), and audio-video recordings during the event are prohibited. The security service can carry out personal searches at the entrance to the premises. The festival takes place in any weather, as long as the meteorological conditions do not objectively endanger the course of the event and the health of the visitors.

Dogs are allowed on the premises unless they are aggressive dogs/breeds. The dog must be under the control of a responsible person at all times, on a leach and ideally wearing a muzzle. The festival is a noisy space full of people and sensations and therefore does not represent a pleasant environment for most dogs. Therefore, we ask you to first carefully consider how your dog reacts in similar situations and whether it is really necessary to take him to the festival.

Chemical toilets are located at several locations on the festival grounds and in the camping area. The showers are located in the camping area together with drinking water tanks, which will also be located in the festival area. Washbasins with drinking water will also be located next to the chemical toilets in the festival area. Ceramic flush toilets are available next to the main stage and next to the Suzuki stage. 

During the festival, the contracted company & festival volunteers take care of cleaning the premises. They collect waste after concerts, supervise the cleanliness in the gastronomic part, etc. However, the most important role in maintaining the cleanliness of the area is yours - the visitor. Please take care of yourself and your surroundings, clean up after yourself, and throw rubbish in the trash. We will all feel more comfortable in a clean and nice area.

Ecology and waste separation
At the festival, there are trash bins, color-coded according to the type of waste. We will be happy if you contribute to better waste separation at the festival. The inhabitants of the camping area will also be handed bags for waste and plastics at the entrance. Please tie the bags after filling them and hand them into the collection points located next to the chemical toilets. You will be able to pick up additional bags from the camp manager.

Drinks in the beverage centers are served in returnable cups. In 2019, we also introduced backup PET wine bottles to motivate customers to dispose of them properly.

Since 2018, the Grape Festival has not used OOH advertising - you will no longer find billboards, citylights, or posters on the streets. We are minimizing our negative impact on the environment and we do not want to contribute to visual smog in the streets either.

First aid
Next to the main stage, there is a first aid station where you will be treated in case of acute injuries or problems. Your condition will be evaluated by qualified medical staff and, if necessary, arranged for treatment or possible transport to a medical facility. We ask visitors not to abuse the service. Basic medicines for migraines or sore throats need to be provided on your own. In serious cases and if you are unable to reach the medical service point, you can contact the camp manager, a security service member, or another festival employee with a radio station, who can call for medical help.

Are last year’s tickets valid for 2022?
Not-returned tickets from 2020 and 2021, when we had to cancel the festival due to the Covid-19 pandemic, remain valid for 2022. We were accepting ticket refund requests until 10. December 2021. At the moment, we do not offer ticket refunds. 

My name is on the ticket, but I can’t come. Can I give the ticket to someone else?
The discounted ticket is bound to the name of the person who ordered it. At the entrance, the ticket holder must identify oneself with a valid document that proves he or she is eligible for the discount, and this name must correspond with the name on the ticket. Regular tickets are not bound to the original ticket holder and thus are transferable to others.

May I bring my own drinks to the festival?
Attendees may enter the festival and camping area with their own non-alcoholic drinks. However, these must not be in glass containers. Glass containers are forbidden in the festival and camping areas. Bringing alcohol and alcoholic drinks to the festival premises is not allowed for the festival visitors.

May I set up my tent in the parking lot, next to my car?
No, camping is only allowed in the camping area. Camping in the parking lot is now allowed due to safety and capacity reasons. This also applies to camping next to camper vans.

May I bring a grill or water pipe to the camping area?
No, in the festival and camping area, it is forbidden to use and create open fire. It is also forbidden to bring glass containers and objects to the premises.

Is it possible to buy parking beforehand, or to reserve a spot?
No, the parking fee is paid upon entering the parking lot. Reservation is not needed, there’s enough parking space for everyone. 

May I come to the camping area on Thursday?
Yes, but only if you have tickets to additional Thursday program called VATRA. For other visitors, the festival begins on Friday morning, and that’s when we open the camping area for others (approx. 09:00 am), and parking lot (08.00 am). The area is under construction until then, and there’s heavy machinery in order. 

Is there any lost&found on the premises?
Yes, if you’ve found something lost or have lost something yourself, the lost&found are in the depository.

Will it be possible to buy a ticket on-site if the festival sells out?
No, in case the festival sells out before it begins, as it usually did in the last couple of years, there will be no more tickets available on site. This also applies to discounted tickets for the disabled. We recommend everyone to buy their tickets in advance. 

Do I need to have the ticket with me when coming to the festival?
Regarding e-tickets (a ticket delivered to e-mail in a pdf form), those are valid in electronic form, so you can present the ticket from your cell phone or other electronic devices. Physical tickets (cards) need to be presented in their physical form. Photographed tickets will not be accepted. 

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