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Practical information

Festival site, opening & capacity

Grape festival 2022 takes place from 12. till 13. August 2022. Due to changing the festival spot the next information may change during the festival preparations. On Friday, the festival area opens at noon and closes at the same time on Sunday. The festival capacity is 30 000 visitors. Available in the festival area are toilets (chemical & flush), tanks with drinking water, refreshment stalls, as well as chill-out, sport, and zones, where you can spend your spare time between concerts. There is no children’s playground nor zone in the festival site.

Tickets & festival wristbands

There are two types of tickets available – the standard tickets valid for both days, and the discounted tickets for the disabled and their carries, which is also valid for both days. The standard tickets is transferable, and not bound to the name. The discounted ticket is bound to the name of the person who ordered it. At the entrance, the ticket holder must identify oneself with a valid document that proofs he or she is eligible for the discount, and this name must correspondent with the name on the ticket. The discount tickets can only be purchased via the e-shop at festival web page.

Upon arrival on the festival, the visitor will receive a festival wristband after presenting a valid ticket. The festival wristband is not transferable, and has a chip, that serves to monitor the number of visitor in the festival and tent area. To be allowed to enter and stay in the festival or tent area, the visitor is obliged to have the festival wristband on the wrist during the entire duration of the festival.

Tickets are being sold via our e-shop or in the official points of sale. You can find them listed here. In the case of selling out before the festival starts, there will be no more tickets available for sale, not event at the door. Children aged 12 and less have free entry. Minors area allowed to enter the festival accompanied by a responsible adult. Don’t buy tickets outside of official points of sale. You may become a victim of fraud and purchase a false ticket.

Camping at the festival

The festival camp is situated right next to the main festival area, and the two are connected with a number of gates. The camping area opens at 09.00 am Friday morning. Camping in the festival camp in one’s own tent is included in the ticket price. Showers, toilets, tanks with drinking water a reception, and a refreshment stall are part of the camp. The space reserved for setting up your tents is marked by tapes in order to create and maintain the safety escape routes. If you require help or have any questions, please, contact the camp manager, who is situated at the entrance to the camp area from the parking lot.
Tent rental services are also available. You can rent a tent either in the Tent inn or Bell tent camp and the tent will be waiting for you ready on the spot. Rental tents are situated in special camps that are separated from the main camp area. Those camps have their own reception. The tents are available for purchase via our e-shop. Capacity is limited!



The parking lot opens at 08.00 am on Friday, and closes at 02.00 pm on Sunday. The parking lot is situated right next to the main festival and camp entrance. The parking fee is paid upon arrival. The parking fee is 10€ for cars, 5€ for motorcycles, and 25€ for caravans (access to electricity granted). The parking fee is only paid once, and valid for the entire duration of the festival. Each vehicle is marked with a sticker after paying the parking fee.

Shuttle Service

The shuttle service connects the Train Station Piešťany with the Airport Piešťany. From Friday morning until Sunday noon, the shuttle service operates every half hour. In rush hours it will operate more often depending on the situation. The shuttle services operates both ways, and fare for one way is 0.50 €

Stops: Train station – Nitrianska – Aupark – Airport

Approximate timetable

Friday: Train station - Airport: 8.30 am09.00 pm (every half an hour)

Airpot – Nitrianska - Aupark- Train station: 09.00 pm – 05.00 am (every hour, from 02.00 am every half an hour)

Saturday: Airport – Nitrianska – Aupark – Train station: 09.00 am – 05:00 am (every hour, from 02.00 am as often as needed)

Sunday: Airport – Nitrianska – Aupark – Train station: 08:00 am - 12:00 pm (as often as needed)



Festival taxis marked with the festival logo are available during the festival. Those cars have fixed fares, that we make public before the festival. Due to some unfortunate events in the past we would like to ask all visitors to report any violation of those fares that they experience from the taxi drivers. Please, include the plate number, and ideally a receipt with your complaint. Based on proofs we can exclude taxi drivers who violate the rules from the festival.


City of Piešťany

The spa city Piešťany is located in the west part of the Slovak Republic, in Trnava-county, in the valley of Váh, the longest Slovak river. Air transport - there is an international airport with a landing runway of 2000 x 30 m, which forms excellent conditions for a touristic and economic development of the region. Highway transport – highway D1 (Bratislava, Trnava, Piešťany, Trenčín, Žilina) with an international connection to Vienna and Brno creates an ideal connection of the city Piešťany and region Povazie with a region of the capital city of Slovakia. Railway transport – the city of Piešťany lies on an international railway track with a connection to Budapest, Vienna and Warsaw. Piešťany spa is focused on treatment of motion-disorders and nerve-diseases. It belongs to the most significant spas of its art, wellknown around the world.


There is a depository for storing your luggage available in the festival area. You can also purchase a Lock inn safety locker for valuables in our e-shop. It also includes two electricity sockets ideal for charging your cell phones. A standard laptop also fits the locker.



The refreshment stands will be situated in the festival area and will be divided into food and drinking zone. There will be available also the food for vegeterians.

Instructions for visitors

It is forbidden to bring weapons, glass, cans, umbrellas and other dangerous objects, toxic materials and drugs. Bringing one's own alcoholic beverages to the festival area is also not allowed. Further, it is forbidden to take pictures /except for personal digital cameras and cell phones/ and make audio-video records during the festival. The security service is entitled to perform personal search when entering the festival area. The festival will be held in any weather except for natural disasters.


Chemical toiletes will be situated in the festival area as well as in the camp site. The showers will be located in the camp site together with the drinking water tank, another one will be located in the festival area, too. The wash basins will be located next to the chemical toiletes in the festival area, too.


There will be special waste bins and containers located in the festival area and in the camp site as well. They will be cleaned up on regular basis. We would like to ask you to throw rubbish into these bins and containers in order to keep our festival area clean as much as possible. Further, the litter bags will be distributed to the camp site visitors.

Children and disabled people

The youngest visitors have a free entry until 12 years inclusive. Holders of an ID for disabled people (ZŤP) can get tickets for a special price (against presenting the ID for disabled people).

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