GRAPE FESTIVAL GRAPE FESTIVAL 9. - 10. 8. 2024 • Letisko Trenčín 9. - 10. 8. 2024 • Letisko Trenčín
Bell tent & Bell tent max

Bell tent & Bell tent max


The large, comfortable bell tents are better than home! And not just because they’re a lot closer to the festival site. With plenty of room for sleeping, grooving, or simply hanging out, the bell tents are warm and cozy in the evening and cool and breezy during the day. You’ll always be dry too – and the waterproof cover sheet can be unzipped and rolled up during the inevitable daily heatwave to provide the ultimate festival comfort. They even have windows. All covered with mosquito netting, of course, to keep the bugs out.

The tents are equipped with inflatable single or double mattresses with and pillow. We recommend you bring your own sleeping bags or bedding to compliment this.

You’ll also find pretty lighting inside.

These tents are always dry inside, whatever the weather, so if it rains, you and your stuff are fine.

We recommend a maximum of five (5) persons per tent to ensure comfort and a maximum of seven (7) persons per tent max.

Price for two nights(August 9-10):

  • Bell tent (max 5 persons): 410 €
  • Bell tent max (max 7 persons): 540 €
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